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Active Directory WAN, 3 servers; one is w2008, the other 2 are W2003 Enterprise.

On a windows server 2003, I'm having replication issues.

In C:\windows\sysvol\sysvol, a dir shows NO junction to the domain name of spennet.local

  I've narrowed it down to one server where the command

linkd c:\windows\sysvol\sysvol\spennet.local c:\windows\sysvol\domain


Cannot create a link at: c:\windows\sysvol\sysvol\spennet.local

ntfrsutl ds |findstr /i "root stage"

Root:  : c:\windows\sysvol\domain
Stage:  c:\windows\sysvol\staging\domain

The staging junction is ok, but not the domain.  

Ultrasound tells me Sysvol does not contain a junction point.

To get to this point, I've set the burlflags as outlined in a MS document, restarted the ntfrs with authoritative restore on one server and non-authoritative on the others.

It looks like FRS is working; scripts are populating and group policy changes are too.

What next?
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The error "Cannot create a link" occurs when the folder exists and contains data. Rename the spennet.local folder and redo the linkd command.

Refering to the steps done in question, it sounds like you've seen this KB

Also see this article


This would have been very helpful 5 days ago!  I did get the link created, however, with the "Link Shell Extension" discussed here:  and after the link was properly created, the replication began as expected.  Thanks!

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