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I've been asked to get a slideshow together for a wedding at very short notice. I've been given a CD with some photos of the bride and groom, but I thought it might be nice to allow people to upload their pictures taken during the reception from their camera SD cards on the laptop running the slideshow.

I was wondering if anyone has seen any code available for Flash CS3 that will allow me to publish a movie which monitors a folder on the local machine and selects a picture at random every few seconds and displays it in the movie window. I could write something myself but I don't think I have enough time.

If there's a free/cheap app which you have personal experience of and can recommend I'll take that instead :)

Thanks, will really appreciate any help.

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Here's a quickie that will pull from XML or just images dumped into a folder: ($10 US)

If you want a really cool interface for managing slideshows, which also allows people to be able to upload their own photos to any gallery as permitted, you can try SlideShowPro Director.

Hope this helps.
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in terms of monitoring a folder, no can  do.
i'm thinking you need a backend, you can get them to upload the files to the server, have php write out the xml for the items and then read the xml and then you can use one of those apps to display the images from the xml.

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