PGP file can't be decrypted

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We have a FTP server to send/receive highly sensitive data with our partners. Before /after transmission, these sensitive data has been encrypted/decrypted on PGP server.  

Last week, a partner sent a PGP file that had been encrypted with our public key. But it couldn't be decrypted with our private key on PGP server, but it still could be decrypted on a PGP desktop with same private key.

Does anybody have any idea what reason could make this issue happen?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Maybe your private key contains some special characters....?!
Software and Hardware Engineer
check to see what it was encrypted with - its possible the ftp server has older code and can't (for example) handle AES...


Thank you guys for your help!

This problem has some kind of relation with  signing. Today, we asked the partner only encrypted without signing, there was not this issue. PGP server (E-Businrss Server 7.x.x from McAfee) and PGP desktop (PGP Desktop for Windows 9.x from PGP Corporation) both could decrypted the PGP file.

With encryption and signing together(using PGP desktop), only PGP desktop could decrypt PGP file. while PGP server couldn't decrypt it.

Maybe this is a compatibility issue.

Is there anyone met similar situation?

Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer
Not as such, although I saw plenty of instances back in the pgp 7 days when it produced OpenPGP signatures that the (then current McAfee) pgp 6.5.x couldn't read.

As I say, you need to see if the creating node is using an encryption method or signing hash the receiving node can't handle, and then see if you can disable that.

been a long time since McAfee owned pgp though, how old is that code?


Our operation department and partner agreed to use PGP desktop on both sides to encrypt/decrypt and sign. They didn't want to put more time and effort on this issue.

I really want to make it clear, but I can't test by myself. and I have to close this question.

Anyway, thank you DaveHowe and timmcqueen. I really appreciate your help.

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