What's the difference between 'Copy Here' and 'Create shortcuts here'

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When I try to add an icon to Quick Launch bar,
1. I right clicked icon and dragged it to Quick launch bar.
2. But from the menu, I see 'Copy Here', 'Move Here', and 'Create shortcuts here'.

What's the difference between 'Copy Here' and 'Create shortcuts here'?  I thought that 'Copy Here' is also create a shortcut.

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Copy Here = Copies the Actual EXE to the quicklaunch directory
Create shortcut here = Creates a shortcut pointing to the EXE
Copy here = will create a deep copy
crete shortcut = will create a shortcut to original location

so, if the program is pointing to some file in original location using relative path and if you do 'Copy here', it will start throwing error for the missing file.

- Always create to shortcut :)

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