Word Formatting changes that will not go away!

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I am taking out headers and other formatting etc... using this function in word http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f319/penguin95/formatting.jpg The document looks fine and I save it.

I go back the next day to use or add to the document and the formatting that has been removed returns.

I have even tried to put the contents of the document into notepad and then into a blank new word doc and the formatting returns once saved and reopened.

Does anyone else have this problem and or know how to fix it
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Could this be related to track changes? Try 'approving' the changes and see if it still retains it?

Try this article out mate, its all about track changes:

Can you upload the actual word file?
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I'm betting that the header and footer styles are causing your delimma.  If you want to change the formatting, you will need to modify the Header and Footer styles, instead of just clearing the formatting.

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