2008 Terminal Server  - best way to hide folders

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Hello Experts.

What is the best way to hide folders from TS users so that they can only see what they have permission to use ?

Most of the shares are located on a 2008 Server and users RDP into a 2008 Terminal Server running on Hyper-V on the same machine.

Access Based Enumeration has worked on one of the shares only.

I can deny access to them easily enough but they are still visible in the remote desktop through a UNC path

any help or ideas appreciated
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Lets say you want to block access to the payrol folder, create a payrol group, add the payroll users that are allowed access to that group. Set share permissions to everybody, set NTFS permissions to allow payrol, remove domain users, user, or any other group apart from admininstrators. They will still see the folder but on trying to open it they will get an access is denied.


thanks - I know that's how its done but the owner of the business doesn't want them seen at all !!!
the only way I can think of doing it is with the $ in the sharename.

At least we've tried...
Yeah thats the only other way. Or putting the files in a folder called shares, and not allowing users to list folder contents, then putting your hidden folders inside that.

Or you could put the files on another server, with a hidden share.

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