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I'm trying to find a program that I can use to monitor conversations carried on through Meebo.  There are a lot of IM monitors out there, but none that I can find that can monitor Meebo conversations.  Does anyone know of such a program?  Would prefer something NOT in the warez line :)

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Meebo is an Ajax-based in-browser instant messaging program which supports multiple IM services, including Yahoo! Messenger, .NET Messenger Service, AIM, ICQ, MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat and Jabber; it is based on the free and open source library libpurple created by the software developers of Pidgin.
That was taken from Wikipedia.

Now, IM Monitors work on specific ports for specific messengers. Meebo on the other hand works this way-
1. User makes a connection on port 443 (HTTPS) to
2. Meebo then connects to the respective protocol of the messenger in question. So, what you need is a generic HTTP capturer. Something like WireShark: 
Since the nature of HTTPS (Secure HTTP), you might not actually be able to 'monitor' the conversations realtime. But, if you are able to capture teh packets, you might be able to replay the connections.
u can use a keylogger to log all the messages typrd in meebo 
phateon, I had thought about wireshark, but that's not a real stealthy app and I think you are right, if Meebo is using HTTPS, WS probably wouldn't find anything.

jimmmg, thanx for the link, I'll check out that software.  I'm also looking at PCPandora which has similar features.

Wireshark is stealthy. It does not send any packets so that I can be detected.
The keylogger was the solution.  However, I had a question about the one you suggested and emailed their tech support and never got an answer... never a good thing.  Went with another product.

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