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Sathish David  Kumar N
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Hi ,

I want to compare two list values  How can i compare without for  loop !!
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what is this i didnt get ur answer !!
there is nothing related my question Mr.xpertoPC
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How do you want to compare them? List A and List B?
-> check whether all elements in list A are list ?
-> elements in list A not in list B?
-> elements in list B not in list A?
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Here is a small code snippet that you can use -

ArrayList<String> a = new ArrayList<String>();
ArrayList<String> b = new ArrayList<String>();
a.removeAll(b); // This removes all elemets in a that are present in B so you get the difference
Hi A_b
Ya i want to check wether   a ArrayList having values of  b ArrayList  if there means i want to store in new array list
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Write your logic using the code snippet above, that should solve your problem easily.
List a=new ArrayList();
            List b=new ArrayList();
            List c=new ArrayList();

i want to store same values of  a,b arraylist  in c
how can we do with out  for loop
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Make a copy of a as a_temp;


Now a will have all the values common to a and b. Copy a over to c.
But a  arraylist value are dleted as per ur code !!
so i add all contant to c arraylist and remove from a _temp arraylist

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