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I am looking for a good way to add a web calendar and news update area to my site.
It needs to be two separate things and each item will need to be able to be updated or added to by several admins.
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i am getting you right, you want to populate a news control with information.

I think you need to have a database. A table for this news which the admins stores the news to. fields can be like;
Headline, Message, Feature Date, Show (can be used to take a news offline), StartDate, Enddate, (period for the news to be valid)

then an administrative session that the admin can used to upload this news to the table in the database.

If your site is going to have an heavy traffic then i will advise to invoke the SQL Service Broker on the news tables so as to handle cache dependency.

If you will be having more than one site fetching the news info, then i will advise to use a web service application

for the calendar, i will need futher details


This is for a HOA website, and I wanted to add our monthly calendar which has a couple of social events on it and shows Holidays and trash pickup days.  Not much traffic at all.   The news section is about the same a small section to have news or current events in hte neighborhood, just a few entries a month for all to read.


please you need to create a database to store the details.

since the traffic is small just make use of querry sriteria on your table to retrieve the info
If you are beginer building simple website then PHP & MySQL is the best choice. It Simple and easy to setup.
You need a place to store your information. Create a database with 2 tables to store information of callendar and a table to store your news.
If you feel difficult then you can use framework to do, it more simple but you need read more the document of that framework. If you like PHP you can use joomla, if you like .NET you can use DotNetNuke.
Download install and then clicks to finish your tasks.
All instruction of portal/framework already upload on "google"

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