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David Brugge
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I have a domain that has four installations of Wordpress. They are all written for the same readership and share the same users. How can I set up so that a user will not have to register four different times when participating in the different blogs?
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Switch to Wordpress MU at It is great and I am using it. Cheers,
I was looking at MU but was concerned that this would be overkill for my small project. Then I read this and became even more confused:
Which point has made you confused?
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The page in entitled Installing Multiple Blogs and gives the option of installing regular WordPress with multiple databases or Multiple Blogs with a single database with multiple identifiers.

Then there is a mention of scripts by Stephanie Booth, which a casual look-over looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

Then there is a mention of Lyceum which looks like a project that ran out of steam.

And then there is a mention of WordPressMU and how it is suited for Enterprise users and Schools and Universities

Then there is a mention of  WP Hive, a plug in for administering Multi Blogs. A quick overlook seems like it is a more elegant solution to Stephanie Booth's project, but is mainly looking for a way to centrally control upgrades.

Then there is Virtual Multiblog,  and a few others, dido above.

The one that I am most interested in is the last one, only I don't speak Italian.

It appears that WordPress MU will limit me as to the themes, plug-ins, and widgets that I can use. I fear that I would be giving up a lot of flexibility and gaining a lot of complexity when I only want to keep someone from having to sign in to each of four blogs.

Yes, you are right. You don't need that complexity and potential headaches. I think I just got an answer for your case. The idea is to use more than one blogs with the same database. All blogs tables are differentiated by prefix. However, they share the same users table.


Good luck.
It is also mentioned here: (see Otto42's suggestion)
Someone wise once said, it's not as important knowing the right answers as it is knowing the right questions.
I've been wearing out the search engines and forums for days trying to get to this point. I wasn't asking the right questions.
The two links that you gave give me all of the background that I need. (I hadn't even thought about sharing security keys for session cookies)
Thanks again.

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