Restore Exchange server 2007

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how do i restore my Exchange server 2007.

I only have a complete backup of the hosting drive - no system state - no export file from Exchange.

From what i can see the main issue is the transport database service that is corrupted.

I was planning on just stopping all services and copying the data back over the top to the location and then restarting services as this seams the only option left.

This started after a raid failure and a forced scan disk on rebuild.

Is my idea good / bad / stupid

Can anyone advise better?

I have tried rebuilding the database using the utilities in exchange
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Steven WellsSystems Administrator
What errors do you have?

Is the information store mounted?

Have you tried using the Exchange Best Practise Analiser?

Did you ever backup the exchange databases?


The info store will mount and appears ok.
The only thing that will not run is the transport service - advises issue with logs.

Only backups is a shot of the whole drive - not special backup from exchange itself.
I thought a whole backup of the location drive would be good enough..

Have not tried the best practice analiser, but did try the database recover tool with no luck.


Here is one of the error reports from event viewer
Transport Mail Database: The database could not be opened because a log file is missing or corrupted. The Microsoft Exchange Transport service is shutting down. Manual database recovery or repair may be required. The exception is Microsoft.Exchange.Isam.IsamMissingLogFileException: Current log file missing (-528)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Isam.?A0xf73de38c.HandleError(Int32 err)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Isam.Interop.MJetInit(MJET_INSTANCE instance)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Transport.Storage.DataSource.InitInstance().
For more information, see Help and Support Center at 

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Here is another one
edgetransport (6228) Transport Mail Database: Error -1811 occurred while opening logfile C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue\trn0000085A.log. 

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aslamsurveProject Manager
#The transport database (mail.que) is corrupt & it needs to be repaired
#Location of the mail.que is at C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue.
#Stop the exchange transport service
#Create a folder Queuerecovery in C:\drive
#Copy Mail.que,Trn.chk,Trn.log,Trntmp.log,Trnres00001.jrs,Trnres00002.jrs ,Temp.edb   to the C:\Queuerecovery folder
#Delete all the contents in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue
#Start the exchange transport service


Before you posted the above - I f**ked up and started to remove the Exchange server.

Now am stuck with the transport role not being allowed to be removed
error exit code 5

Any ideas.
Project Manager
#Can you please check the ExchangeSetup.log which is located on the root drive i.e C:\drive\ExchangeSetuplogs then open it scroll towards the end & let me on which dll is it failing?

#Can you please upload the ExchangeSetup.log file if the above step is difficult for you.

# Most probably it woulld fail on DiagnosticCmdletController.dll however they are different locations like x64 or x86

#Search for the dll mentioned in the exchangesetup log file & note down the locations.

#If the un-installation of the hub role fails at DiagnosticCmdletController.dll then perform a registration of the dll i.e. regsvr32 "path of the DiagnosticCmdletController.dll" then perform un-installation of the hub transport role.


Managed to get Exchange out by running /uninstall option (right click on file and chose uninstall)
This removed Exchange enough so that minor hacks in the registry of the service keyallowed me to re-install it.
So Exchange installed - am just starting to reconfiguyre it now.
What is the best way.
I was going to create new mailboxes for the users and attempt to recover old mailboxes on another machine and then merge together - can this be done.
worse case could I just open old mailboxes and send forward email on!
aslamsurveProject Manager
Restore the backup of the mailbox store & then merge the emails using database recovery management


I could not restore the mailbox database as it was not correctly backed up (my fault) - luckily we use cached mode and i managed to recover by exporting from old outlook profile and back into a new profile created for the new exchange connection on local machines - few! - Anyway thanks for all advice given..

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