Configuration of wifi hub(home router) and the WS switch

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if a wireless hub (home wifi router) is created to a switch port and 5 host are connected to a wireless hub . Does mac-table in switch keep the record of 5 host connected to wireless hub (home wifi router) connected via wifi ? Thanks!
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This depends on how your wifi is configured:
1. as router: the devices attached to the wifi router get their own ip address and will use nat.  Then the switch will only see the mac address of the wifi router
2. as switch: the devices get their ip address from somewhere else (the first switch/router, a server, your isp).  In this case the switch will see the mas addresses.
Generally a switch or access point will keep an arp cache of locally connected  your switch will have a table of all the devices that are physically connected to it, your Wireless box will have a table of all mac addresses that are connected to it.  When a device wants to connect to another on a different device it will send a broadcast to say something like:

10:42:49.210649     arp           who-has tell


Thank you! :-)

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