.NET Video - 2 video files into one (syncronised)

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Hi Experts,

I have an win form that current captures two different video feeds, outputting into two separate AVI files.

What I need to do is combine both AVI files into the same file, so that they are syncronised.

Is this possible?
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Jens FiedererTest Developer/Validator

Since you say "syncronised", it sounds like you do not want one to play AFTER the other - do you want pictures side by side?  One on top of the other?  Overlaid somehow?


side by side :)

Test Developer/Validator
I've never done this before myself, but one guy wrote this:


You could:

Use this code to make a series of bitmaps, 1/10 of a second (or modify for a different frame rate) apart of the first video.
Ditto for the second.

Combine the corresponding bitmaps to make a third, WIDER series of bitmaps.

Then use THIS GUY'S ( http://www.codeproject.com/KB/audio-video/avifilewrapper.aspx ) code to put the bitmaps together into an AVI.

Not sure what you want to do with the sound, but here's a resource with a discussion  for extracting THAT:

Not a project for the faint of heart.

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