How do I change the position where a print dialog box appears?

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One of my users is having problems with a print dialog box - she is printing from Thunderbird and the dialog is produced with the OK/Cancel being BELOW the visible screen so she has to drag the dialog up every time to make a selection.

I thought that dialog positioning was taken care of by the operating system, but is there any way to override it?

Thanks in advance...
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Are you using the latest version of ThunderBird?? It seems that its an issue with the different versions that have been around:


Your comment was enough to point me in the right direction - many thanks.


The version of Thunderbird IS the latest, but it's a problem that's never been fixed.

The fix is to bring up a print preview window (which will appear in the wrong place), resize and position in to somewhere sensible and then the normal print dialog will appear in the same position after that.

Thanks for the pointers!
Glad to be of help.

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