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So I am in the process of deploying a SAN and have installed additional NIC's in my severs. The additional SAN NIC's are configured on a different subnet and the "register thsi connection's addresses in DNS" is unchecked. The standard NIC's that allow client access to the server are on a 10.1/16 range. The SAN NIC's are on a 10.9/16 range.
The issue I have is with name resolution on this multihomed server. That is when I resolve the name of the server through a ping at the console of the server I get a response of 10.9 address.

When pinging the server from a client workstation (or from any other server) I get a resolution from DNS of the 10.1 address. NSLookup also gets the correct 10.1 address. There are no issues with the DNS registration of the server.

It is just from the console that the wrong address is resolved. This is causing issues with some services on the server.

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Seems as either WINS is active and not sync'd with DNS, or NetBIOS name is bound to  the 10.9 address locally on the server.
You can try if reordering the network interface precedence helps. In Properties of Network Neighbourhood, go to Advanced, and put the 10.1 NIC on top.
Further I would disable all unneeded protocols and network services for the SAN NIC (in its properties), like Client for Microsoft Networks, and File And Printer Sharing.


Ok I had seen talk of the bindings and precedence regarding this but could not locate how to do this anywhere. Accepting the solution but just wanted to state that the instructions for changing the bindings and precedence are at


Thanks. I just clarified in the thread how to specifically change the order as I had struggled to find it.

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