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I'm trying to run a patch update for my ESX servers. Previously had Vmotion capabilities but then lost it since it was a trial version.

I do have a Virtual Center 2.5 and Vmware Update Manager. I can run the ESX updates on one of my ESX server but not on the other ESX server which my VC is on because VMUpdate Manager is a VC feature and I need to shutdown the VC in order to put my ESX into maintenance mode.

Now I have 1 ESX server patched with the latest updates and not the other.

I've been doing some reading about Patch Management and using ESXUPDATE utility. I need some directions on how to get this going. Some say download the update into ISO but I think that only applies for 'Updates' and not  for 'Patches'.

At the moment it is at 'Update 4' and lately there is a critical patch issued by Vmware and I've got that installed on 1 ESX and not the other.

If I were to use ESXUPDATE, how do I go about it? Is there any other way?

Thank you in advance.
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For a clear cut understanding of Patch Management using esxupdate, check this URL

za_mkhIT Manager

download all patches you want to install:
Then put them on your esx on a directory with tools like winscp (you should unpack the files, on your workstation or ESX, do this with tar xvzf ESX-number.tgz
Shut down all vm's
Then run esxupdate -n -r filename update
After you have run all patches, you should reboot the ESX and then Update al vmware tools on your vm's. (the -n option is for no reboot, comes in handy if you have more patches then one.)
Patch your esx from old to new patches. First all patches from the oldest month needs to be installed and eventually the newest can be installed.
If you want to reread, see for more documentation.

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