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I am working on opening a URL in an existing IE window using an windows API. For example, I opened and then, wanted to open another URL (ex. in the same window. I already obtained the (HWND) handle to the window.
I have tried ShellExecute(hWnd, "open", "", NULL, SW_SHOWDEFAULT) for this; but it is always opening the URL in a new window. I want this to be opened in the same window with handle hWnd. Can anyone help me in this regard?
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Not a propgrammer, but I believe this is going to be controlled by the IE setting in the Advanced Options, "Resue windows for launching shortcuts"
Send Ctr+T event to existing IE by using it's handle and then can use Navigate() to open URL.
Don't use ShellExecute() better use CreateProcess() by which u can get handle to that IE.
CreateProcessEx() can be used.

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