Cannot open form in Domino Designer

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I did a lot of editing on a form called Company, now when I try to open it, I get the error message "Not a form". Is there any way to open it and see the changes, or do I have to start all over?

Working in Domino Designer 7.03 on Windows XP. The database is on a Domino 7.02FP2 Server, running on Windows.
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It seems that the form is corrupt.
Have you tried to restart Lotus?

If that doesn't help I don't see what else you can do to fix this.
So you'll have to do it all over again, as you suggested.


Restart didn't help, tried fixup also, but it' still the same.
Hi there kasperEH,,,

This is a similar case

But since you said the fixup didnt work could you first of all try it as a fixup -f -j
or check the following if you can get ( LO42045)on IBM site  
The last option could be here:

Finally, I would like just to ask a question .... Is it possible to delete this FORM and recreate it ??

Good Luck
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Hi akhafaf

Thank you for trying to help me.
Fixup -f -j didn't solve the problem.
I am not allowed to read LO42045.
I guess I could delete and recreate the form, but then I would lose my changes. But if there's no other way, then I have to do that.


What version of domino are you using ?  If it's 8.5 then can you open the DXL of the form ?
If it's an earlier version then you might wana try simply a copy of the form and a paste.  That may recover the form design.

Also, I know this is shutting the gate after the horse has bolted but as general good practice (cos domino can do this kinda think), before you make any significant changes to a form, create a copy of the form design.  Or, create a local, design only, one way, replica of the db.  then after an hour or so's work, confirming what you have done works, replicate your changes.

That way you can create a snapshot of your changes, push them to your local copy for restore purposes ad hoc and not rely on other recovery methods.


I have begun to recreate the changes now, so I'm closing the question. Thanks for all your input and for trying to help me. As mentioned earlier, I'm working in version 7, and yes, I will be backing up more frequently in the future :-)

This is from EE help:

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