Mac File Share - dissapearing files

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Server running 10.3.9
Clients running 10.5.7

I have an external RAID array connected to one of my XServe's. Users can connect using either SMB or AFP to the share via the server.

Occasionally permission problems appear, more often than not though a user will see files disappearing, then folders doing the same, they have to then disconnect and reconnect. The files do not disappear, it just seems that way from the users machine. There doesn't seem to be any re-occurring pattern to this, it can happen quite a bit some days and others very little. Any help would be much appreciated as I am really struggling to work out what is going wrong.
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Does this problem occur using either protocol?  Or is it always ok with one and only appears when using the other?

Are the clents that see this problem PCs or Macs or both?  What OSes are they running?
I've see something similiar with our network X-Serve's and clients.  We used to have an X-Serve that was running 10.3.9 and client computers running 10.5.7.  Everything was fine until we recently replaced the file server with a new Intel based X-Serve running 10.5.7.  Some of the file folder names and files had "/" in the names and other unusual syntax names.  I found that when changing them on the server shares to just text based or non-special characters in the names they "magically" re-appeared.  I am not sure why this happens or what the differences are but this solved the problem we were having.

Hope this helps.


I have decided to upgrade the server OS to Leopard. I hope this resolves the issue. By doing this I will no longer be making use of Helios Ethershare as we no longer use its OPI functionality.

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