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I have a single Exchange 2003 server on a windows server 2003 platform.
The server is Hardware RAID 5 across multiple disks. The network cosisits of 2 DC's, both GC and various other fileserver & blackberry enterprise server.
I have 2 users that share and look at 14 to 17 calendars.
Is there a limit on sharing other users calenadars? these two users have dual core 2 PC's
and 2 GB RAM. Performence seems to be suffering when outlook is open and running.
The netwrk is only a 100MB duplex.
Are there any ways of improving performence since none of our other 60 users have any issues.
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This may or may not work, I've had varying degrees of success.

Turn on Cached Exchange Mode:

2003 Instructions:  (not familiar with 2007)

On the user's computer, open Outlook.  On the toolbar, go Tools, E-Mail Accounts.
Leave radio button on View or Change Existing e-mail accounts, click Next
On the next screen, click the top button labeled Change...
The exchange server settings page should appear, on this screen check Use Cached Exchange Mode
Click Next, then Finish.  Should be all set.

The cached exchange mode tests your user's network connection, and establishes a timetable to update your mailbox.  Instead of Outlook constantly querying the server, it will check, wait x amount of seconds, and check again.  This should free up some bandwidth across your network.


The problem is imminent if the user has cached mode on or off.
I have tried having cached mode on & off several times with no change. I am wondering whether there is excessive RPC traffic on looking at so many calendars. The network is only 100MB, It may be worth considering upgrading network to Gigabit.
I have defragged, fully maintained the PC, stopped uneccessary services etc.
I had the same issue on a pentium 4 (Another user) and when i changed her PC to a dual core2 with higher memory this has been much better. I am thinking that this laptop with the particular issue cannot handle 17 calendars.    

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