Wordpress Customizable Tag Cloud does not style fonts prperly

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I use the Customizable Tag Cloud Wordpress plugin on this site http://tiny.cc/xvRSq. I added minimum font size 13 pixels in the Dashboard. But somehow this style gets overruled. Does anybody have any ideas why? Is this caused by another stylesheet overruling the CTC Plugin or is this a PHP error issues?
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Try modifying the wp_tag_cloud function in the category-template.php file. Not sure if this is the case with the particular plug-in you're using, but that might just do it.


I think BMilneSLO is on the right track... its declared inline, so its not being overriden by any style sheet.

<a style="font-size: 8px;" rel="tag" title="1 topics" class="tag-link-10" href="http://klarezaken.nl/tag/klantinzicht/">klantinzicht (1)</a>


You were both on the right track. The CTC Wordpress plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/configurable-tag-cloud-widget/ ) standard configuration for adding the code manually or in posts was adjusted by me. But I forgot to adjust the code were I needed to. The code in the widget itself. The CTC (Customizable Tag Cloud) Widget on the Widgets page. From there the widget configuration is loaded for that widget, bot from the general admin of the plugin on the Configuration>CTC page.
I have been able to adjust the font size already and will let the client do the rest. Thanks for putting me on the right track guys!

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