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Dear Sir, we are looking to have a server setup to make it always available. clients will be acceesng the servers which runs SQL server 2008. we want this server to always be avaliable. to do that we are deciding to go with windows cluster. on which SQL sevrer will be installed.

We dont have any shared storgae NAS or SAN also if we have SAN or NAS as shared drives then that could be a single point of failure for us. My Questions are

1. Can i created windows clustering using Windows 2003 Standard edition
2. can i install SQL server without Shared drives (NAS or SAN). each server having its own hard drives. then issue will be here is synchronizing of database between the two sql servers.
3. is it mandatory to have windows 2003 server, enterprise or datacenter editon

All what i need is to make the server available always which runs sql database and one financial service.
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well for OS purpose, you can set windows clustering but for your need, I would recommend you to have Mirroring in SQL Server 2008 with automatic failover.

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