IE6 Just Won't Function

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I cannot get Internet Explorer 6 to work on the internet (local files fine). I need it to check a website I created & update windows.
It did work sometime in the past.

Firefox & every other internet program is fine
Windows firewall is off
Comodo firewall is off
I'm Using the internet zone in IE
I have reset everything to default within IE (Nothing is checked under LAN settings)
My internet goes through a router and IE6 works on other PCs on the router

I'm puzzled ?
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I don't know.... I'm puzzled why you don't just upgrade to IE7? Maybe this computer is trying to tell you something.

If this is a recent development, consider using System Restore to take your PC back in time a few days. That is assuming you are using XP or later.

Eirman, what version of windows are you running?
Try reinstalling IE 6 if you feel the need, but realistically, if your machine can handle it, you should upgrade to IE7 at the very least and start developing your websites for the future, not the past.  As our older machines die, people will need to move forward and IE7 is coming preinstalled on Vista machines in the US and MS is only offering IE7 or 8 for new downloads, so if anyone doesn't already have IE installed, they shouldn't be able to install 6 anyways, Although,
here is a link on how to repair/reinstall IE6 if needed. He has a direct link to the MS link to download a copy of IE6, but I would read his page thoroughly before jumping into IE6.

Also, have you ever had IE7 or 8 already installed on this machine?
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if you do websites development  you will need to a machine with IE6 on to test your websites....
don't upgrade so fast....
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Thanks for the replies so far

I'm using XP SR3 and the machine is quite fast - it can handle The Adobe CS4 suite with no problems
IE Ver info: 6.0.2900.5512.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090206-1234

I only use Firefox for browsing
I don't want to upgrade to IE7 as I have it on another PC which I use for testing
I just want leave this at IE6 for testing (I never had any other IE version on this machine)

By the way mtz1of4 - that link you mentioned is missing from your post

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As already stated ..... When I start IE6 and enter any web address .... nothing

It gets stranger .....

When I clck on Start > windows update it works - I can then go any website
When I click on dreamweaver help it open the correct page (IE6 seems to be the default browser now)

So the problem is only there when I start IE6 myself

Why not use System Restore to take your PC back to a time when everything was fine.
just open IE6 so that it opens (as you described above)  and then drag the top left icon of the window onto the desktop and make that your icon to start IE6 and delete the other IE6 icon that doesn't work
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My quicklaunch shortcut was somehow corrupted so chilternPCs solution did the job
And the info from mtz1of4 was useful

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