Possible Failure with Fileserver

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my boss asks me which possible failure or malfunction can occur with our Windows 2003 Fileserver.
That means hardware and software problems.
Backround: We have now people who are making risc management in the house and they
want to know what are possible upcoming problems.

For Example: Harddisk Full, installed Antivirus etc, no cluster etc.

Thanky you.
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Well... just about anything you can think of is possible.  I'll name the ones that come to mind:

Hard disk crash or disk full.
OS failure - too many possibilities to list them all.
Fire, water or other natural disasters.
Power failure to the room , the wall outlet or within the server itself. Or someone accidentally shuts down the server.
Virus, trojan, other malware.
Directed hacker attack.
If you're using hardware-based RAID, then failure of the RAID controller.
Directed attack by internal person.
Terrorist attack.
Issue with some third party application that interacts badly with the server OS.
Assuming Windows, problem with some MS patch or update to the system.
User accidentally deletes important files.

As you can see the list is quite extensive, but this would cover the majority of possible things.

The better question is how do I prevent this.  Some of it I can't answer because I don't know your specific environment.  But I can make some general suggestions.

Buy good quality hardware with hardware-based RAID.
Secure your network with a multi-tiered approach including firewall, IDS/IPS appliance, web/email filtering, good corporate antivirus/anti-spyware solution, appropriate security policies and user education.
Keep your OS patched, but check out the patches before installing.
Use proper user security on the server.
Back up, back up, back up and store tapes or whatever off-site.
Have a good UPS, either stand-alone or room-size.
Keep a spare hard disk and a spare RAID controller.
Secure the server room.
Have proper fire protection in the room.
Have a well thought out and tested Disaster Recovery/prevention plan.


Thank you.

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