SQL server express 2005 - command line install

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SQL Server express 2005.
I want to install from batch file as part of an application set-up, either from a CD or USB stick.

I have created a settings .INI file, and the following works, but ONLY IF I specify the drive letter and full path of the .INI file:

start /WAIT setup.exe /ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn /settings Y:\install\sqlexpresstemplate.ini

(I was working from the directory Y:\install)

If I use
start /WAIT setup.exe /ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn /settings sqlexpresstemplate.ini

then it looks for the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\sqlexpresstemplate.ini      which of course does not exist.

Any ideas how to use a .INI file from the CD when I do not know what drive letter the CD drive will be?
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Copy it to %temp% with usual copy command and give %temp% based path to installer command line.
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Hope this helps:


Make sure you copy the installation contents to local machine before performing this operation.


Simple and effective solution thanks.

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