Scheduled Direct transfer activities always run on midnight

mbonaci used Ask the Experts™
Domino 6.5 and DB2 v8.1 running on Win 2003 Server.

I have around 40 direct transfer activities that are scheduled to run from 20:00 to 04:00 with 15 min gaps between them.
But no matter what time i set in "Run at Times" field they all always start at 00:00.
I tried putting the time in PM time format (08:00 PM, instead of 20:00), which didn't help.
I also tried specifying time frame instead of exact time (20:00 - 22:00), which was suggested in one post in LEI forum, and it also didn't help.

Params in Schedule tab of the activity document:
Repeat every: 1 days
Run at times: 03:30

In the lower frame of LEI Administrator's main frameset, under category Scheduled, all the activities are shown to run at 00:00.
I noticed that this view displays the value from the field named SchedTime (hidden on top of the DirectTransfer form).
I wasn't able to find out how this field is actually set.
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Hi there mbonaci,,,
Frankly, I am not quit sure about a way to fix this case but please refer to the following case and I hope it helps you to get it fixed

Or ,,,

Check these posts

Best Wishes


Thank you akhafaf,
but please bear in mind that by the time I ask a question I've already searched Google and IBM tech knowledge base.

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