How do I lock internet explorer?

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I have a commandbutton on a userform in excel that when clicked will take the user to a weather website to view current temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ect.  This will be used by workers on the factory floor and I want to not allow them to access any webpage other then the one that is linked.  Is there a way to modify explorer itself to remove the address bar?  Do I need to create a read only version of that website and link that? If so how would that be done.  Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Maybe this link will help you out, if not let me know.

44. Remove the Address bar completely from Internet Explorer
If your workers need only see certain data, I would suggest you create a Web Query that pulls down the exact data you want them to see.  This way they will not even see the Internet Explorer.

I have a worksheet of my own that is based on a web query.  When I right-click it and choose "Refresh" it pulls down the weather forecast for the next 10 days, the % chance of rain, and the "Watering Need" index for lawn&garden.

I believe that your temp/humidity/pressure can quite probably also be extracted from a live page using a Web Query.

Data > Import External Data... > New Web Query...


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