looking for a faster way of deleting roaming profiles on network

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2003 server SP1. When a user is created on our network they are mapped to a personal network drive. We dont use roaming profiles for local desktops, but we do use roaming termanal services profiles and the profile is written to the users personal network drive. I have several profiles I need to get rid of (employees that are no longer here). When I go to delete them I get errors saying NTUSER.DAT is in use so then I go and take ownership of the file then give myself full rights to it then I can delete it (same with NTUSER.pol). I tried to replace permissions on all files within folders by replacing all child but that just errors out. Is there an easier way to delete these than the way Im doing it?
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if you want you can try this it works well
it delete the files without you needing ownership



Thanks for the app. However I didnt install it on my DC in order to delete the files I wanted to. I dont like installing things on the DC. So I ended up just taking owner ship of the directory and all child object then changing my permissions on the object and that worked it took a little while but not too bad.

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