I would like guidance in getting started with HTML forms

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I am new to HTML I have created several .HTM pages which I will publish to IIS server. One page has 4 fields on it and 2 buttons;

 Name, Phone, Email, Comment, submit, reset.

I want to create a standard web contact form. Please can you point me in the direction of how to learn the method for this. In such cases does the data normally get posted as a text file to the server? Or does it get emailed? Am complete beginner on this but need to learn.

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>> does the data normally get posted as a text file to the server? Or does it get emailed?

It's kind of a text file, but the server side script will usually have mechanisms for automatically parsing the data and split it into separate fields corresponding with the fields in your form. For instance in PHP, you would get variables like this if the form have method="post":

$_POST['Name'], $_POST['Phone'], $_POST['Email'] and $_POST['Comment'].

Read more about forms here:

Forms usually need to reference a cgi script which is normally provided by your web host (along with directions on how to set your form up). You would then set the form tag similar to
<form method="post" action="mailto:youremail@email.com">

there are plenty of tutorials around but one to get you started is
For IIS, maybe you could find some usefull stuff here  :


And if you want to receive an email :



Thanks. Loads of stuff there to get me started.

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