Terminal Server Licensing

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How does Terminal Server Licensing work on SBS 2003?
Is there a good article on how terminal server licensing works
and how it is priced in terms that can be conveyed to a customer?
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If I'm wrong, please correct me......

Terminal Services control's the number of remote connections to a server, When you install terminal services it comes with 1 user CAL and it is purchased it units of 5 user cal's each. Your supplier can give you more info on the cost involved.

You can have a look at this Microsoft article on how it works.


Hope this helps

System admin

This MS article will answer most of your questions : Deploying Terminal Services in a Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Environment - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc747395(WS.10).aspx
Technical scenarios are reviewed as well as required products licences, including their retail prices in US $ (be aware that retail is not the same as OEM or OPEN licences).

Note that in an SBS 2003 environment, the TSLs must be installed on the SBS server or else it won't work.

The article mentioned above pretty much takes care of your licensing questions.

But just to be clear, I wanted to emphasize this point (if you're not already aware):
You can't install Terminal Services on the SBS.  You can have TS in an SBS environment, but it requires that you have another machine, either physical or virtual.

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