Terminal Server Licensing

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How is terminal server licensing deployed in Windows 2003?
How are licenses purchased and applied?
Is there a good article discussing this in a way that can clearly be
discussed with a customer who is wanting to buy and deploy terminal
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The probably best article about TS licensing is this one:
The Ultimate Guide to Windows 2003 Terminal Server Licensing

- You'll need a TS licensing server running W2k3 or later (W2k8 does support TS running on W2k3)
- If you buy licenses, they have to be activated on the TS license server
- TS CALs are NOT concurrent
- There is NO "free trial" period; TS CALs are legally required from the moment of the first connection
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Terminal services and licensing is deploying by going to add/remove programs > add additional windows components > select and install the fully functional version of TS

Licenses will be available from large vendors like CDW (you can call CDW to get the correct part number) they only have 2008 licenses listed on their site but the licenses may be like Exchange licenses where they're backwards compatible.

From my experience user CALs have been the way to go since it appears as if Microsoft has no way of tracking the number of users logged in at any given time. Though you should buy the required number of licenses I've seen up to 30 concurrent connections with 10 user CALs. 5 user CALs legally buys you 5 concurrent connections.

Once you install Terminal Services on the 2003 server it will work for 210 days before it stops and requires licenses.


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