Anti Virus update on UTM-1 450 CP (R65) "AV Engine failed to install update"

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I just recently purchased URL and Anti Virus filtering for UTM-1 450 (R65).   I have installed service contract file thru SmartUPdate and verified that Gate in the clusterxl has the license for URL, and anti virus.   All updates are successfully except for anti virus.  The Smartview Monitor gives Error: Last signature update failed (AV engine failed to install update).  I notice in Smartview Tracker shows the anti virus signature was updated on SmartCenter, however the Gateway anti virus signature update failed because "AV Engine failed to install update".
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Has this been an upgraded box?  ie was it R62 and you upgraded to R65?

If yes, have a look at secure knowledge article sk33041

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Signature update fails after upgrading the security gateway to NGX R65

Product:             VPN-1 Power/UTM, UTM-1
Version:             NGX R65
OS:             SecurePlatform
Last Modified:             30-May-2007


    * Performing a signature update does not work after upgrading the security gateway from NGX R61 or NGX R62 to NGX R65.

    * The signature version is not changed in SmartView Monitor after updating a signature even though SmartView Tracker logs show that signature update was performed.

The InoDist.ini file should be replaced.

Note: Copying, deleting, or replacing program and system component files should only be done by platform experts. Application failures and operating system crashes can result from deleting or replacing files incorrectly.

To replace the InoDist.ini file:

   1. Download the InoDist.ini replacement file.

   2. Backup the original /opt/CA/avengine/ino/config/InoDist.ini file on the Security Gateway.

   3. Replace the InoDist.ini file on the Security Gateway with one from the download server.

   4. Reinitiate the signature update process.

After the procedure completes, use one of the following methods to verify that the signatures are updated:

    * In SmartView Monitor:
         1. Click the 'more' link to open the AV section.

         2. Verify that the signature version value is updated.

    * On the Security Gateway:

         1. Run the following command:
            /opt/CA/avengine/ino/bin/inocmd32 -SIG

         2. Verify that the signature version value is updated.


    * The signature version value is not updated each time you initiate the signature update process but only when a new update is available for download in the download center.

    * When the signature update process is initiated after performing a clean install, the signature version value is always updated.

**** the file is at


Thanks, this did the trick!!


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