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I have a formula on  field on a form.

Can anyone tell me what this formula may mean ?

S1:= @If(@ClientType = "Web"; "--Select One --"; "");
X := @DbColumn("" : "NoCache" ; "" ; "Region Maintenance" ; 1);
S1 : X

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The formula gets all values from the first column of view "Region Maintenance".
Then on top of that list adds value "--Select One --", but only when accessed by web browser (when accessed with Notes client it contains only the values from the view).
This looks like a picklist choice selection formula.  It provides the choices for a select-type field (combo-box, list-box, etc).

It looks up the choices for the field from the first column of the 'Region Maintenance' view in the current database.

Also, if the form is being used via a web browser, the choice ''--Select One --" is added to the front of the choice list.

If the formula is specified as "Value" of the field then the field just displays those values.
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OK...I'm trying to find the values for this I need to go to the Notes client form ?


I want to edit this is it in lotus notes...or in domino  ?

Sorry for the extra questions.

How do you mean "is it in lotus notes...or in domino"?

To edit the list you have to edit formula of the field.
What do you want to do with the list?

In Designer - open Form - locate field and click on it.
In the lower frame you'll see formula.

Is that what you want?
>> "I want to edit this is it in lotus notes...or in domino  ?"

The list is stored in a collection of Notes Documents.  In order to add or remove a value from the list, you need to understand how the documents are created / maintained in that application.

The first place to start is by opening the 'Region Maintenance' view in your database.  Is there an action button in that view that allows you to add a new value?  Try opening an existing document to see if you can change the value.  When you're done updating the choices, you may need to close and re-open the database depending on how the choice lookup is performed.

The lookup is performed with NoCache option, so no need for db close/open :)


Thanks.. I had to physically edit the list in a database created in LOTUS nOTES...
Thanks for the help !

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