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Could someone inform me how to set permissions so that a certain security group, which we'll call "limitedaccess" are able to access files, create files, delete files, but they are not allowed to move, delete, or create folders above the subfolder level that these permissions reside on.

A basic image of what I'm after is attached.  There will be two security groups, one with Admin rights over the entire folder, which is easy, and the limited access one.
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remmett70Network Manager

I think the easiest way would be to share the folders at the level you want the users to have access and manipulation over.  Then they would not be able to see the above level folders.


They still need read permissions on the files contained within the folders above, so the root folder needs to be shared too for purposes of read only access.  This is really just to limited them creating folders, or dragging and dropping folders, or deleting folders above the demarcation point.
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If the users need read access to the higher folders, then NTFS has to be used.  At the top level folder give the admin group full control, and the users Read only.  Apply permissions to all child folders.  Then go to the folder where you now want to give them more control, remove inheritance, and change the user group to modify and again apply that to all sub folders.

remmet70 is correct in his first post. It is a always a good idea in drill down situations to Share the deep folders. If you need Read access or better yet List Folders only access for several layers of folders, and then at some point deep inside the folder structure you need to finally give more permission to the Users group, it is recommended to Share that "deep" folder so that users would not have to hunt for it. It will also allow for easier folder management for you.

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