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I have a machine running Win XP which this morning came up with the message hal.dll is missing/corrupt etc. It is a Dell Inspiron 6400.

So I followed the instructions to Restore Hal.dll from http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ht/restorehaldll.htm

This resulted in the message access denied.

So I moved on thinking perhaps the boot loader section of boot.ini was incorrect and so following instructions:

 When the Windows installation is located, the following instructions are displayed:
Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All)
[Type Y in response to this message.]

Enter Load Identifier:
[This is the name of the operating system. Type Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition.]

Enter OS Load options:
[Type /Fastdetect and press Enter]

I did this removed the Win XP CD and typed Exit.

On restart the machine now offers me two choices both: Windows XP Professional

If I select the top one it starts the Dell Media Direct options page straight away - (basically the set up screen for this program - you can adjust the settings of it)  then when you select exit it closes windows down

If I select the second one it says: Load Needed DLL's for Kernel.

I now have the problem I cannot enter the recovery console aswell. If I enter boot menu to change the boot order to boot from disk it then goes to the page to select which windows - which results in the two problems above - media direct and load DLL's.

I am desperate not to lose at least two folders on my machine so a clean install is the very lat possibility and I don't really want to consider that!
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How about a repair install of windows? That way you don't lose any of your data.
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What is the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows?
I would use this, in conjunction with a UDB drive, and get the data off that you cant afford to lose, before doing anything. If the data is that critical, its simply needed to be done prior to ANYTHING......
Or use.....
What is KNOPPIX®?
You need to repair your current windows using the windows setup cd-rom, or else you can also try to copy the hell.dll from the cd-rom to windows directory but better option is to repair your current windows installation using the windows cd-rom.
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This is a different type of bootable OS, to allow you to run some diagnostics on the HDD.
Ultimate Boot CD - Overview
 Double check the HDD with the Manufacturer's util on the UBCD, once your data is safe.
Basically what you have is a corrupted OS, which means you might be missing system files etc. System files dont just start disappearing on thier own, and corruption alot of time is caused bya  failing Hard Drive. It would be worth doing a check before trying the In Place upgrade of Windows, to make sure the disc is good. If the disc is failing, and you try a repair install on it, it may work ok for a bit, until the next bad sector on the drive shows up, corrupitng another application or the drive itself.....
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Error Messages When You Start Your Computer if Windows Program Files Are Missing or Damaged
Oh, and this is the KB that refers to your error, supporting the inplace upgrade as mentioned above. I just wouldnt do it until your data is safe, and the drive is verified.........


Partly down to my own idiocy I was trying to do a repair but couldn't get the machine to boot from the Windows CD which was the main problem that was baffling me - however it turns out I had removed the Win CD so that is why I couldn't boot from it to do the repair!

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