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Is it possible to use the value of an Option Box in Excel without linking it to a cell and then refering to that cell?

Something like if(Option Box 4 = "True", "Do Something", "Something Else")

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VBA can read the value of the control itself, but a cell formula cannot.

Attached is a function that can help you bridge that gap.

If you have a checkbox on the worksheet named "Check Box 2", then this formula will determine whether it is checked or not.
=IF(testcheckbox("Check Box 2"),"Is Checked","Is NOT Checked")

Brian Withun

Function TestCheckbox(ControlName As String) As Boolean
    Let TestCheckbox = False
    Dim MyShape As Shape
    For Each MyShape In ActiveSheet.Shapes
        If MyShape.FormControlType = xlCheckBox Then
            If MyShape.Name = ControlName Then
                If MyShape.DrawingObject.Value = 1 Then
                    TestCheckbox = True
                    Exit Function
                End If
            End If
        End If
    Next MyShape
End Function

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