BlueCoat Radius Auth (Error: "unknown NAS")

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When I change the interface IP of the BC and have the Radius guy allow  
this new IP auth fails with error: "unknown NAS"

When I change it back to the original IP it works again.

I have changed nothing else, verified routing, pings, firewall rules.  
I have rules from BC to radius. But not Radius to BC. There is Source  
NAT on the FW when going to the BC, but not from.

Any ideas?  Do you know if radius ever sources a packet for a new  
session or should everything from radius match the session table on  
the Juniper FW.
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Did you checked the clients file located in the radius daemon path. It should have the new ip entry there. Then only the radius server will process all the requests coming from that NAS IP.

Karthikeyan G

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