Saving ASA configuration via TFTP

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I am trying to save a configuration from an ASA.  I have a site to site tunnel setup and working but the TFTP transfer fails.  I have a site to site between A and B and I am at site A trying to save the config from site B.  I see the log message with the following on Site B's ASA:

6      Jul 20 2009      08:10:58      106015       Deny TCP (no connection) from to flags RST  on interface outside

The TFTP server is
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It looks like your box was trying to access https on  

If you have console access to the ASA, then you would want to issue the command: WRITE NET  

That should start the TFTP write to the TFTP server....  


Thanks.  The WRITE command worked.  Couldn't do it from the ASDM but as long as the file is backed up that is all I care about

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