Couldn't Start Apache Service In WindowsXP

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Apache was working fine as usual before, until today when I tried to start Apache, it gave me the following error message :

[error] Apache: Service is already installed.


Errors reported here must be corrected before the service can be started.

I have already confirmed the following :

1. Port 80 isn't be listened by any process.
2. IIS has been removed.
3. Already tried re-installing Apache, with no luck.

Can someone here provide some more solutions to resolve this issue?

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do you have something listening on port 80? You can look for such process by "netstat -ano"
Do you have apache server in your services? If so, in properties you have path to binary file. Do you can find this file?



I executed "netstat -ano" in command prompt, but none of the results returned is showing any process listening port 80, I also tried to modify Apache's port to 81 but still got the error message upon starting.

And about the services, yes Apache is there and the path to the binary file is :

"C:\Server\Apache-22\bin\httpd.exe" -k runservice

I can find that file there.
So you have the solution! Service cannot start if it has no binaries...
You may delete entry from services with command "sc delete apache_service_name"

You have to replace apache_service_name with name you can see in Apache service properties.

Then start your installation again.
Yep, that's what's my previous post meant; after uninstalling Apache, you have to make sure there is no Apache service still stay in your pc before reinstall Apache. And in that post, I've provided the way to check if Apache's service still there after uninstalling and you have to manually remove them ;)

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