Backup Exec 12.5 - Can't see Adic Fastor 2 backup device in console

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I've built a Windows 2008 server, installed Backup Exec 12.5 and attached a Adic Fastor 2 backup device to the server via SCSI (SCSI-3 to SCSI-5).
Problem is the backup device is not showing up in the Backup Exec console under the Device tab.
The Fastor 2 backup device was previously connected to a Windows 2000 server, running BackupExec v9, and worked fine.
However, now, even if i connect the Fastor 2 back onto the old server, it doesn't show up there either in.
Any ideas ?


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Did you select the BE drivers during installation? Is the device seen from the SCSI controller during bootup? Are all cables properly attached and have you checked the Adic is properly terminated?
Problem turned out to be that the Autoloader SCSI Controller ID on the Fastor 2 backup device had been changed from the default 0 to 7.
As soon as i changed it back to the default (which you can only do if you disconnect the SCSI cable from the device) from the Fastor 2 Configuration menu, the device came online.
Thanks for your comments.


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