How can I connect two buildings wirelessly

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I have a client that we have been dong work for and has a need for a wireless connection. They have two buildings less than 100 yards apart from one another and have a clear line of sight. I am looking for recommendations on how to accomplish this. Do I need routers and create a secured VPN connection?  I would appreciate any help...
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I don't think you need a VPN setup for your client. Are the two buildings on seperate subnets? If they're on the same subnet, all you need are two access points configured as bridges like a 1242 or a dedicated bridge like a 1400. Use strong encryption like WPA and you should be fine.

If they're not part of the same subnet, then you will need the above and a router to pass traffic between the two networks.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
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I advise you to use WPA2 or WPA on wireless protection!
Or use specific vendor, like Alvarion, the gool is that only Alvaroin devices able to connect each other!

If you use VPN it is more secure!
Dont forget if you use Aor B or G ap with omin antennass hacker able to send you dissasitain request!

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