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I'm helping someone switch from one hosted Exchange to another in the near future. The idea is to get them up on the new host with the same email address, with no lost email.

We can change the MX record at any time, or enable forwarding from one client to an alternate email on the new host...

I'm trying to plan the steps needed, and their best order, and keep it simple.

Any advice will be appreciated.
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Due to the way that MX records and DNS propagate, your options are pretty limited. You must allow 48 hours for the change to be fully propagated.

You are going to have to be accessing both systems at the same time, probably one with Outlook and the other with OWA.

Switch on a Friday night, to limit what is coming in to the old system and only do the bulk export on Monday morning once you know that all email is coming in to the new service. I don't see any other way that you can do it without potentially having email on the "other" system to the one you are accessing at that moment (whether other is the new one or the old one).


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