My contact form won't work in IE7!!!

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I have created a Wordpress site and am using a plugin called Contact Form 7 ( which alows me to easily create various forms.

The issue I'm having is that on my website, the form looks fine in Firefox and other "modern" browsers but for some reason, the input fields randomly disappear when I view it through Internet Explorer 7 (I didn't test it on IE6 but I assume it probably does the same thing there).

You can view the form here:

The weird thing is that I'm using a different contact form on another page and it seems to work fine -

I'm really not sure what the issue is. Anyone have any ideas?
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looks fine to me in my IE7.  Have you tried to clear history etc to see if that made a differene?

Also you might try contacting the publisher of the plug in...they may have info about it.


Thanks for the reply lharrispv.

It's kind of weird because yes, sometimes it for some reason shows up in IE7 and other times, no. And yes, I've tried clearing my history but it didn't really make a difference. I also tried viewing the site off of a few computers and it was doing the same thing.

I just tried it again now and the fields appeared for a split second then disappeared. I realize that it may be difficult to come up with a solution if you can't really recreate the issue. I'm not really sure what I can do to help though...

I have looked over the plugins support form but couldn't really find an answer. The only one suggestion I saw was to make sure that my site's HTML is all valid. Right now its not but its mainly due to a bunch of plugins I'm using on my site.

I'm going to keep looking through the support form for the plugin but if anyone else has any suggestions in the meantime, I'm still open to anything.

try disabling the plugins and adding them back 1 at a time to see if there is a conflict.
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I would also save the html source when it does disappear and again when its visible so you can compare the code for any changes.


Thanks for the reply gwkg.

> try disabling the plugins and adding them back 1 at a time to see if there is a conflict.

Unfortunately, the site is currently live and I won't be able to take it down to test this out. I could put it in maintenace mode and try it out but the problem is finding a time when the client feels it won't be an issue to do this. I also don't want to run into the issue that a new problem comes up from disabling and enabling plugins (there are quite a few on the site).

> I would also save the html source when it does disappear and again when its visible so you can compare the code for any changes.

I tried this but the page source seems to be the exact same when the input fields are showing up and when they aren't....really strange. I also looked at the source through Firefox and its also the same. You can see the attached text file you'd like.

If I really need to, I will see if I can arrange something to disable the plugins individually. For now though, if anyone has any ideas or suggestion, I can really use the help!

With all these javascript files being loaded, I don't know how else for you to troubleshoot without disabling plugins.   Just looking at the list I can see that loading jquery twice is completely unnecessary... not to mention that your contact page probably doesn't use more than two of them.      56 KB      54 KB      22 KB      8 KB      8 KB      8 KB      6 KB      5 KB      4 KB      4 KB      3 KB      3 KB      1 KB      1 KB (3 KB uncompressed)      687 bytes      389 bytes

And you have 12 stylesheets loading: Style Sheets (12 files)      47 KB.... wouldn't be surprised to see a conflict there, either.

You can try the Wordpress Forum for support, not many questions concerning Contact Form 7 go unanswered

but I'm sure they will suggest you turn off all other plugins, as that is the most likely issue.

Tony van SchaikFront-end Developer

Try removing or rename the CSS reset file and check if that works. I think some HTML/CSS is being reset.


Sorry for my late reply. I appreciate your help. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to take down the site and disable all the plugins but I intend on trying your approach sometime soon. Thanks again.

Thanks.  Feel free to comment on this thread if it worked or start a new one with any new information if it doesn't.

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