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Is there a way to redirect Desktop files for a user on Small Business Server 2003 to a User Shared location on the server without using group policy? I want to be able to control settings for a specific user on the domain vs the entire organization.
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You can apply the GPO to the one user, and no-one else.
I would recommend using a GPO for this action, mainly for the case, What happens if the user logs onto another computer?  If the redirect is local then the user will not have access to his desktop items.  You can apply the GPO to this one user or even a group of users.  

After creating the gpo, open Group policy management, click the GPO.  In the scope tab you will see security and filtering.  Remove all groups from this list, then add the user who you want to run the GPO.  Basically what you are doing is, securing the GPO so that only the user can run it.  GPO's are like anything else in Active Directory, you need permissions to access it.
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I don't know any other practical way of achieving this.
I think the best solution would be to create a second GPO which would apply your desired redirection and settings only for that user.

On SBS 2003, you have 1 GPO which is called something like "Small Business Server folders redirection" in english. You can modify for whom this policy will apply (Authenticated users group by default).
Just create a new security group containing all your users but the one you want to exclude and replace the Authenticated users group by the one you just created for this GPO.
Then you create a new GPO named "Small Business Server folders redirection for <USER>" which will only be applied to this specific user. Open the policy editor and select the required settings.

As usual, you should obviously experiment this in a test environment even if you know what you're doing :)

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