Microsoft Analysis Server 9.0 processing on wrong machine

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In order to do some testing of our OLAP cubes, I have done a database backup of both the SQL server data, and the Analysis server data from our live machine. I made some changes to my local copy of the SQL server, then went to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, connected to my localhost machine, right-clicked on the Analysis services database, and ran the "process" command. This seems to process the data on the live server, not on my localhost. Is this because I restored on my localhost from a backup? Is there a way to change this to run it locally against the local SQL server and local Analysis server databases?

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I might have answered my own question. If you click on the database, then "Data Sources", you will see your database. Right-click and go to properties. In the properties under "Connection String" you can change what to connect to.

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