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On Windows XP, in the Start Mun at the top left there is an icon for Internet and an icon for E-mail. If I right click on the task bar, select properties then go to the Start Meu tab and click on the Customize button, the lower section of the diaog box, labeled "Show on Start menu" has check boxes and drop down lists to enable the icon to be displayed and to select the program associated with Internet and E-mail.

I need to know how to change the program associated with E-mail using group policy. The reason is that I recently pushed out an install using GPSI for a customized version of Lotus Notes. The custom program is for Student Management. Notes is not beig used for E-Mail. Outlook is the E-mail client that is being used. The custom Notes program changed the defaulf email client associated with the start menu. Now, I have an IE icon with the word "Internet" and "Internet Explorer" below that, which I want. But I also have a Lotus Notes icon with the Wrod "E-Mail" and "Lotus Notes" below that, which I do not want. This confuses my users.

The developer that created the custom Notes program and the install msi and associated transform mst file says he can't change this (or perhaps doesn't know how) and I do not have access to the tools to modify the transform myself.

I can manually change the icon and association back to Outlook using the Task Bar properties but I want to do this using an GPO since I need to change this on several hyndred desktops.

I found a custom ADM to change the default email client at this link, , but it doesn't seem to work. The icon is still Lotus Notes and clicking on it launches the custom Student Management program.

I tried creating the GPO with the custom ADM file in both the computer node and the user node so I assume that the properties in the custom ADM are not really addressing what I am trying to change.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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you can create a batch that run on login and change it for you:

you can also use ftype command to set a new path

dcadler, any updates?


This solved the problem, thanks,

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