MBR from restored Acronis 10 disk image (EasyBCD Multi-Boot system) won't boot - Need Help

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I recently had a major system crash.  Motherboard fried itself.  I had a multiboot system with Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  All were working fine but something major happened with the hardware and XP won't boot on drive.  I took HDD out of old system and put into another rig but it won't boot up so I can change hardware config and drivers.  I keep getting BSODs.  So that easy solution is out.  I have to do something else.

Fortunately, the good news is I do complete backups of data and take Acronis disk images weekly, as well.  My last disk image was from a week ago when system was working fine so I want to restore that one.

Here's my problem, the image is only the XP partition and nothing else so when I try to boot it I get the 3 choices menu from previous multiboot setup, obviously, but can't boot up.  So, how can I fix the boot manager it I can't get past this point to get into Win7 even to fix?  I used Easy BCD to edit the Windows Boot Manager

What I'm doing is a test run on a spare HDD.  I installed Windows 7, then created a partition for XP.  Then I boot system with Acronis disk and ask it to restore to a 2nd partition that I created for XP.  It works and restores just fine.  Hope was that I could fix the Boot Menu from Win7 to point to new XP part and new 7 part.  Major problem is I can't get past the Boot Manager and the subsequent error screens to get into either Windows 7 OR my restored XP Pro.
Help Tech buddies, how can I fix this?  Thanks!!
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If your image is only the XP partition, you can restore and boot to it, but you have to do a few things first.

Your drive is on a new partition number (the first one instead of the second or third), so after restoring the image, you must modify boot.ini accordingly. You will have to put the drive into another computer to do that. Secondly, the partition may exist and have been restored to, but it has to be set as "active" if you want XP to boot. Do that from disk management (diskmgmt.msc), again you must do this from another computer with the hard drive in as a slave drive. Thirdly, if the MBR or boot record of the hard drive is wrong (which it probably is), it may be helpful to run FIXBOOT and FIXMBR on the drive. You can only do that from within a recovery console of windows xp, which you can do by booting the XP setup disc.

So... instructions to follow:

1) Restore the partition using acronis
2) Plug the hard drive as a slave drive into a working computer
3) Use diskmgmt.msc to mark the XP partition as "active"
4) Edit the C:\boot.ini of your slave drive so that the only operating system is the default windows XP on the first partition, instead of on the second or third partition like it was before. Attached is a copy of my own boot.ini for your reference:
5) Put the hard drive back into your original computer
6) Boot off a windows xp setup disc and get into the recovery console
7) Run FIXMBR and FIXBOOT on the drive

Now you should be able to reboot the computer and boot normally, with XP only.

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

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Thanks Frosty for the advice.  Couple of things:
1)  I did already make that partition active when I created it so that's handled.
2)  How can I edit the new XP Pro boot file.  There isn't one to edit.  Only a backup found elsewhere.
3)  Shouldn't I be able to use the bootcfg.exe editor?  However, I can't do this on the drive that's not the currenlty running XP that I'm using.  The drive to be fixed is installed via internal sata conn.

More adive greatly appreciated!!
You should be able to boot to the recovery console and execute a bootcfg command to rebuild the boot.ini file:

bootcfg /rebuild

If not, then you will need to access the drive from another system and simply copy the above boot.ini file into notepad in save it in the root folder of the target drive.
You install your newly imaged hard drive into your "broken" computer, and then boot that computer from the XP recovery CD. The only hard drive in the system should be your newly imaged one which should have the installation of windows on it.

Once you're in the recovery console, do what flubbster said and use bootcfg to rebuild the boot.ini. For good measure, use fixmbr and fixboot too.

Then reboot, and this time let the system boot from the hard drive like normal.

... my suggestion from before involved taking your newly imaged hard drive and putting it in a working computer *temporarily*, as a slave drive (e.g. accessible via E:\ from regular windows) just so that you can mark the partition as active and alter E:\boot.ini manually. If you've already done that, there's no need for another computer. You can do everything else from the recovery console on your main computer.

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