Broadcom NetXtreme II Teaming on HP Procurve Switch with IBM x3650 : REBOOT

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I have 5 servers on which I've been trying to enable Teaming unsuccessfully...
The servers are IBM x3650's with 2 x Broadcom NetXtreme II in each running Windows Server 2003 R2.
I've updated the drivers, then the NIC firmware and then the latest Broadcom Advanced Control Suite. I create a team and after about 5 minutes the server(s) reboots. No blue screen.
What is making me think this has something to do with the switch (ProCurve 2510-24 (J9019A)) is because this is happening on every server. I have re-downloaded the drivers to make sure they aren't corrupt.
I could update the Switch firmware but I have to many devices connected to do it at the minute.

I have enabled full memory dumps in Windows but I don't even get a blue screen so no luck there or any info in the event logs.
I have an old hub I could connect a server to to try it out.

Maybe theres something to enable on the switch or NICs ?

That's all the info I have at the minute... Thanks for your help.
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A while ago I had a serve that keep doing the same thing when i updated the nic card drivers.
It turned out that if I disable RIS on the server it fixed my problem.

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- First of all, what kind of team (fault tolerance or load balancing) that you have created?
- Did you connect each of your NIC port to a different switch?
- Is your Procure switch manageable?
- Did you configure different vlan for each of your port on Procurve?

FYI. If you only have one switch (unmanageable switch) and connect both of your NICs to the same switch, only have one option, which configure your team as load balancing only. Fault tolerant team requires each NIC connected to a different switch so when one switch goes down other switch will pick up and run.

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OK I think I'm getting somewhere...
I found these:

I've updated the BIOS, lowered the memory speed to 533, updated RAID and BMC.
Hasn't rebooted yet...

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