ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA not firing in Flex 3

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Hi,  I wrote a client/server app in Flex  3 (client) and Python (server).

Everything worked fine in debug mode.   When I build a release build, the ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA no longer fires.  Neither does the Event.CONNECT.   I've found a couple other posts (off site) on this issue but not found a workaround yet.

Anyone know what is up with this?
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Are you getting a security sandbox violation?

If you don't see any messages you may be best to *make sure* you're running the debug version of flash player in your browser and if you're not getting and messages with that try see if any information is being transferred using charles web proxy.


you're right, it was security after all....   it just took forever for the security error to pop up because flash was checking several different ports for the security file (this is a socket policy file, not a crossdomain.xml file)


How are you going with this? Is the issue resolved?

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