Copying files between two workgroup computers

Marka Mekapse
Marka Mekapse used Ask the Experts™
i am trying to copy files between two workgroup computers by using a defined service.  i have created an account with admin rights.  in addition, i created two file shares on each server giving full control to the account aforementioned.

there is no firewall between the two servers and file sharing is enabled.
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what the problem?  Are you recieving an error.  Did you create the account on both computers with the same password?


yes, i am receiving an error that is telling me it can not copy.  

accounts are the same on both computers with the same password

What does this error sya exactly? The more information the better.
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Can you try logging on as the account and performing the copy manually?  What happens?  


i receive an error stating cannot find specified drive.

i run the following command from the dos prompt.

runas /user:<useraccount> CMD

(i am then prompted for the password at which i type it in) a new CMD window pops up and then i run the following command

copy \\<servername>\share h:\share

i have the H drive currently mapped to the secondary server.
Try Robbocopy, the commands are similar, but you get more options.  And its free.

oops Robocopy

Once you download robocopy, place it in the systems32 folder it will work from the CLI just like copy does.
The correct command is robocopy \\<SERVERNAME>\<sharname> c:\<foldername>

the /e switch is to copy subdirectories. You can also add a /sec to copy the security settings.  Or /copyall

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